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We have opened our new “All Things Water Hyacinth” Showroom in Lagos! 



Our “fit-for-purpose” Showroom will be a centre for showcasing the woven wonders created from Water Hyacinth. “The opening of our "All things Water Hyacinth" marks the realization of a dream to transform waste and build livelihoods, step by step, community by community, one plant fibre at a time.”

The new location at #1 LASWA Yard in Falomo-Ikoyi, Lagos isn’t by some random coincidence but as a result of a partnership between MitiMeth and Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA). A strategic partnership which started in 2016 is built around the common goal of clearing water hyacinth and transforming it into beneficial use and is aligned with the Global Goals (SDG 17). We couldn’t have asked for a better location, right next to the raw material source. 

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