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“All Things Water Hyacinth” Boutiques in Lagos! 

MitiMeth welcomes you to our “fit-for-purpose” boutiques and office space located in Falomo, Lagos. Both boutiques mark the realization of a dream to amplify our transformation of waste, innovation of materials and building livelihoods, step by step, community by community, one plant fibre at a time. A new luxury elegance of woven water hyacinth and agricultural residues.


​The MitiMeth office location at #1 LASWA Yard in Falomo-Ikoyi, Lagos isn’t by some random coincidence. It is as a result of a strategic partnership between MitiMeth and Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA). We couldn’t have asked for a better location beside the Lagos lagoon that has the raw material source.

You can’t miss our store front at #1 Alfred Rewane, Ikoyi situated in Falomo Square, a lovely strip mall with several stores and services. We are open from 10am – 6pm, Monday through Saturday.

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