Woven Water Hyacinth Wall tiles

Woven Water Hyacinth Wall tiles


Hand woven to perfection in Nigeria, our woven water hyacinth wall tiles are especially made to suit both modern minimalist and sophisticated decor. It’s a perfect way to add natural grace and beauty to your walls. 

  • Story

    Same plant fiber, different aesthetics courtesy of our Artisans who are skilled in transforming water hyacinth.

  • Care

    Delicately wipe clean with dry cloth 

  • Details

    Materials: Woven Water Hyacinth, Fabric

    Pack size: 10 pieces 
                 12” Dia Woven water hyacinth Tiles x 4
                   4” Dia woven water hyacinth tiles x 4
                   3” Dia water hyacinth cowries x 2

    Origin: Made in Nigeria