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Woven Cylindrical Planter 290mm x 360mm

Woven Cylindrical Planter 290mm x 360mm


Bring natural warmth to your space with our cylinder shaped planters. Constructed of intricately woven water hyacinth with a marko inner lining comes in two sizes that work beautifully as sturdy storage baskets or planters. MitiMeth exclusive.

  • Story

    Skilled artisans in Nigeria craft our pail planter basket by hand. It is a hardworking storage solution and elegant accent all rolled into one.

  • Care

    • Your woven planter is best kept indoors to prolong its lifespan. Keep dyed planters away from direct sunshine and all woven planters away from the rain.
    • Live plants must be placed in a plastic container that can collect drained water before placing in the Planter. 
    • Please note that your beautiful natural fiber Planter is NOT 100% waterproof so it’s important that you do not water your live plants to overflowing.
    • Natural fiber is very absorbent and will hold onto water and other liquids. If your Planter is not allowed to dry completely, it can mold.
    • Do not use sharp objects on the natural fiber Planter.
    • Soaking or power washing your natural fiber Planter is NOT recommended.
    • If your Planter should get wet, keep in the sun until it dries out completely.
    • Your Planter should be placed in a ventilated area with low humidity.
  • Details

    Materials: Crafted of water hyacinth and marko

    Dimensions: Sold separately. Medium: 290mm x 360mm, Large: 390mm x 440mm

    Origin: Made in Nigeria

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