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As society becomes increasingly aware of the importance of environmentally responsible buildings and interior design, more businesses and individuals are seeking to incorporate sustainability principles. Interior designers have a tremendous impact on the sustainability of an environment because they decide which materials and products will be used. 

Sail habour woven rug.JPG
WH woven round planters.JPG
Woven rug ornate accent.jpg

Photo: courtesy Sail Habour NG

Designing for low environmental impact means choosing materials and products that are renewable (such as fast-growing water hyacinth, typha grass, bamboo, coconut shells, banana residues) and are harvested and recovered in an environmentally responsible way. 

Water hyacinth loom textile panels.JPG
MM - Water Hyacinth and Fish Leather IMG-5864.JPG
Product 4 - MitiMeth Coconut Buttons.jpg
Woven water hyacinth slides.JPG

Sustainable fashion is a design philosophy and movement that promotes environment and social responsibility. It concerns more than just addressing fashion textiles or products, it comprises addressing the whole system of fashion dealing with interdependent social, cultural, ecological, and financial systems. MitiMeth aims to supply textile manufacturers with yarns spun from water hyacinth, jute selvedges, banana fiber, cotton and possibly other suitable natural fibers sourced locally and be your sustainable supplier choice. Partners wanted!

Redbutton IMG-8315 (2).jpg
Redbutton IMG-3925.jpg

Photo: 2019 Lagos Fashion Week / Red Button

YILI OMA Slides IMG-7790.jpg
Lohije Bucket har 2.JPG
Lohije bucket hat.JPG

Photo: 2021 Lagos Fashion Week / LOHIJE Bucket Hat


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