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We improve the environment and empower communities through craft skills training

Creating handicraft products that serve a functional purpose while solving an environmental and economic problem


Untangling an environmental problem and creating awareness of the beneficial use of water hyacinth

Training, stimulating and equipping rural communities in Nigeria with skills


MitiMeth was established to address the negative environmental and social impacts resulting from waste by creating new sustainable materials derived from invasive aquatic weeds and agricultural residues.

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“I started MitiMeth out of a strong conviction to make a difference in the area of sustainable development and wanting to create impact at the grassroots by focusing on local homegrown solutions to environmental challenges”

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Rural communities in Nigeria have been affected by the infestation of water hyacinth infestation for decades. Our creative Founder, had an idea to transform this environmental menace into beneficial use. She befriended Artisans in the Sabo and Ojurin, Bodija communities of Ibadan who had knowledge weaving with doum palm and rattan. She worked closely with the Artisans to produce table tidiers and storage baskets: two fitting products to make from a tangled weed!


Registered in 2011 from very humble beginnings, MitiMeth is now a well known indigenous Award winning Social Enterprise.

“The prevalence of water hyacinth in Nigeria and the havoc it was wreaking in several communities presented an opportunity for me to come up with a win win solution that would have the buy in of the communities affected by the week infestation problems. The solution, harvesting water hyacinth and transforming the weeds into lifestyle products, can be marketed both locally and globally.”

MitiMeth now works with over 150 artisans from several riverine communities in Nigeria, has opened two point of sales in Ibadan and Lagos (major cities in Nigeria), and has several international collaborations.

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Join our mission, together we will empower women and youth to reduce poverty by providing decent work and distribution platforms to communities, while addressing waterways challenges affecting life above and below water.

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