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The 3 effects of our training program

500 artisans trained
(90% women)
Supplemental income for welfare needs
150 home based artisans across several communities

MitiMeth in partnership with various public and private sector organizations, facilitates Decor and Textile Weaving Workshops in rural communities empowering women and youth to create income earning opportunities utilizing locally available resources. Everything is made locally, but designed with global appeal.

We run training workshops that teach local community members how to generate income earning opportunities using the renewable resources around them. 

Mitimeth has trained over 600 women and youth from communities in Nigeria and Ghana In partnership with the private and public sector. Several workshop participants are unemployed and seeking opportunities to earn an income. Other participants already have work in their immediate environment, e.g., fishing, trading and want to enhance their current income.

The positive effects are immediate as the participants become more enlightened about the potential of the water hyacinth resources in their environment

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