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Momentum Leading to TEDWomen 2015

Two months ago I had a unique privilege and the opportunity to give the opening Talk at TEDWomen 2015. That's right the 1st speaker at the 2015 Conference. Idea was found worth spreading. How did that happen, many have asked. This is my story. Back in November 2014, I received an email from Betsy (I didn't know her prior to receiving her email!) via the MitiMeth website. The email went like this

"Hi Achenyo, I work for the TED Conferences ( We are working on our speakers for our TEDWomen conference. We would love to talk with you about giving a TEDTalk on the main TEDWomen stage".

I read her email and was stunned for a few minutes. Did I just read "TED"?????? I closed my inbox and then reopened it a few minutes later just to make sure my eyes and mind weren't playing tricks. The email was still there! And so I responded to Betsy's email and said

"Hello Betsy,Thank you for contacting me and for the interest in me being a speaker at your TED Conference. Wow!!! I would be delighted and honored and would love to speak with you about this opportunity. This week is pretty tight as we are hosting an exhibition. How does next week sound? Anytime as of Tuesday is fine. Let me know if that works with you.Thank you."

That marked the begining of a six month journey leading up to TEDWomen 2015 and working with Betsy from start to finish. Several emails notes and documents back and forth. Several late night Skype calls (California is 8 hours behind Nigeria!!!!). Working with the TED Concierge to ensure flights, presentations et al. were where they needed to be when they needed to be. The TED team had this all down pat. Their level of organization and attention to detail left me so inspired.

On May 28, I approached the red carpet on the TED stage at the Monterey theater after being introduced by Pat Mitchell. And stepped into the light to give the opening talk about Products that tell a Story.

Here you have it. My six month journey to TED. The journey sought me and I am very grateful. The theme - Momentum. Lets keep it going.

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