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A Special Thank You

A BIG “Thank You” from grateful hearts and hands at MitiMeth. In more ways than said you supported our small but growing business in 2015. It was a year of great publicity, innovation, partnerships and sales for us at MitiMeth.

On Air! We began the year in the limelight on CNN’s African Start-Up program. A few months later we were on the TED stage in Monterey, California and shortly thereafter featured on CNBC Africa. In December our handmade coasters were featured in the “Lionesses of Africa” 48 Holiday Gifts special.

Plenty of learning this past year. We had the opportunity to understudy two amazing Indian Social Enterprises and also exhibit at the 2015 SEED Africa Summit. It was an exciting year coming up with several new product ideas through co-creation efforts with local designers, artisans and our ever loyal customers and cheerleaders.

Growing more partnerships. We partnered with First City Monument Bank in its Community Investment Program and trained the Bayeku, Ikorodu community in Lagos on how to make sellable water hyacinth handicrafts. The outcome of the training workshop has been very positive and we look forward to capturing social and economic impacts in the community in the months ahead.

We are EXTREMELY grateful to YOU for the role you played in helping MitiMeth to move forward this past year and look forward to connecting with you again. From the depths of the several hearts at MitiMeth, we wish you a safe, happy, healthy and successful 2016.


Yours Gratefully,

Achenyo Idachaba on behalf of the MitiMeth team

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