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5 Desk Hacks to Boost Your Productivity

Tick tock!

Sandra checked the clock for the umpteenth time as she calculated the time she had left before the deadline for her task would lapse.

Then came a glimmer of hope, wrapped in a box of the perfect concept she needed. Everything was finally coming together, as the last few minutes had been immensely productive.

However, this hope fell like a stack of cards that got the attention of a toddler when she inadvertently knocked over her cup of coffee, in a frantic search for her pen.


Let’s take a wild guess- No one wishes to find themselves in Sandra’s situation, including you. Correct? These productivity reducing ‘accidents’ won’t elude you just because you wish them away. But they can, if you implement these 5 productivity hacks.

Now, let’s dive in.

1. Size Matters: You’ve heard the popular saying- charity begins at home. This time around, it’ll begin at your desk. It’s important to ensure your work desk has the right space for your work tools. This seemingly insignificant yet crucial factor is sometimes all you need to keep your focus in check, and your attention on deck. A desk that is too small could mean you have to spread your work tools over to the rest of your space. It may take you a second or two to get to them when you do need them, but an accumulation of these few seconds could give you more time to get more productive things done. Your desk shouldn’t be too big too! When you have more space than you need, preventing unnecessary clutter becomes almost impossible.

2. Table tidiers to the rescue: Sandra’s chaos could have been easily prevented if she had simple objects like a pen holder, which would have ensured she had a pen on her hands whenever she reached for one.

Also, keeping your work desk sparkling clean at every point in time may be a near impossible feat, but the most important thing is to ensure you can quickly take care of any mess, without having to leave your desk. This is where a tissue box comes handy.

3. Keep your view pretty: A recent study has shown that paying close attention to the aesthetic quality of a workspace can in fact boost productivity. So, do you want your productivity level to stay at a consistent 100%? Try and ditch your austere desks with some beautiful-to-behold arts and craft items like this mini shaker called the Casek© and woven balls. And how about placing that cup of coffee on a woven coaster?

4. Make friends with notepads and sticky notes: Knocking over a coffee cup or searching for a pen aren’t the only things that could impact negatively on your productivity. Rumbling through the debris of your memory in search of that game changing idea that hit you when you least expected can stop you in your tracks, long enough to make you miss a looming deadline.

A perfect way to prevent this is to always keep sticky notes nearby. You should also have an eye-catching notepad strictly dedicated to documenting your daily goals, to-do list, and keeping tabs on them.

5. Leave that desk: It’s almost ironic that the last hack to ensure you remain productive while at your desk entails getting away from it. But that’s exactly what you need. Don’t guilt trip yourself into working till you become too tired to function before you decide to take a breather.

Sometimes, a 15 minutes stretch may be all you need to keep your creative juices flowing and keep productivity at the maximum.

Ready. Set. Go!

Take control of your productivity and be the best you can be.

P.S- Want to give those table tidiers a try? We have some options for you. Click here

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