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Corporate gift ideas to show your clients you value them

2020 has been quite a ride! Hasn't it? Not just for individuals, but for business owners as well. To put it quite frankly, most businesses have been hit by COVID-19 one way or the other. Ourselves inclusive!

We know that businesses thrive on patronages of customers/clients - whether for products or services and these clients are the bedrock of business continuity. It is therefore imperative to remember clients who have literally kept you in business. Customer or client appreciation at the end of the year is not a new phenomenon, but considering the peculiarity of this year in particular, we recommend that you switch things up as you show your clients that you value their all year round loyalty.

Before we give you some corporate gift ideas, let’s quickly show you

why it is important to show your clients that you appreciate them

  1. It improves customer retention

  2. It increases your chances of getting referrals without having to ask!

  3. Customers can potentially become brand advocates when they feel valued and duly appreciated

  4. Your business remains top of mind with the clients

So let’s take a look at some corporate gift ideas that can help convince your clients that you value them and further endear your brand to them. These ethically made gifts tell a story about gifts that positively impact the Artisan communities who made them.

Corporate gift ideas:

  1. Make it personal and thoughtful: Handwritten cards have always been known to convey a higher level of thoughtfulness, but even this is becoming common. So what can you do differently? Explore a road less traveled with these specialty paper cards and matching envelopes made from water hyacinth. They are sure bound to spark a curiosity strong enough to prevent them from ending up being discarded like the regular paper notes/cards!

2. Borrow some inspiration from Stevie Wonder: Remember the 1984 classic by the legend titled ‘I just called to say I love you? Yes, that one! So still riding on that personal touch, putting a ‘I just called to say we value your loyalty and patronage’ can work better wonders than the usual bulk SMS idea. Gifts don’t always have to be tangible, they can be as simple as a phone call.

3. Ditch the regular hamper: Let’s be honest, hampers filled with consumer goods are as predictable as they come! Chances are, your clients probably have those coming in from various businesses. This may in some way erode the weight of the gesture. To avoid this, consider a hamper or a box of gifts filled with operational items that can actually outlast the yuletide - unlike red wine or a box of chocolate.

Here are some examples of handy items that can be placed in a hamper: handwoven tissue box, a pen cup, woven coasters, keyrings, water hyacinth pens, jute selvage pouches and journals.

Note: You can also mix and match some of these items with the regular edible products you’d typically see in a hamper.

4. Settle for a single yet significant gift: Sometimes, just one gift is enough to convey your best intentions, especially if they are as unique as the ones you’ll find here

There you have it! Go ahead and make a client feel special and deeply appreciated. ‘Tis the season!

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