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Real Coconut Buttons - 1”

Real Coconut Buttons - 1”


Ready. Set. Go. Marking time! Natural coconut shell buttons. Crafted by hand from coconut shell waste. Slow fashion accessories suitable for sewing, embellishments, jewelry, bags, purses, jackets, pants, hats, shirts, shoes and you name it! Sold by the dozen.

  • Story

    Coconut processors typically dispose their coconut shells which is an added cost to them. MitiMeth is helping to manage their waste and reduce costs by taking their waste and converting it to beneficial use in the Fashion industry. A win-win Circular solution!  

  • Care

    • Our Coconut shell buttons are washable!!!


    • Our coconut buttons are two toned. The inner shell has a light brown town and the outer shell has a darker tone.


    • Gently wash by hand or machine.


    • The color of the coconut buttons range from light brown to dark brown. Lighter before soaking and darker after soaking.


    • Do not soak the buttons for too long. It is important to note that the Coconut buttons contain plant fiber and do have a strong capacity to absorb water.


    • If the button is large it is better to wash by hand as the spin may crush the buttons.


    • Do not wash with strong detergents or chemicals. Bleach is an absolute “No-No”.


    • Make sure the buttons are dried properly after washing to avoid mold and ensure the garments with the buttons is stored in a ventilated and dry place to avoid going mouldy.


    • If you have any concerns about the Care instructions, please test a sample first to find the most suitable way to wash your chosen garment.
  • Details

    Materials: Coconut shells

    Dimensions: 0.5" or 1” Shells with 2 holes

    Pack size: 12 pieces

    ​​​​​​​Origin: Made in Nigeria by MitiMeth 


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