Woven Gourd Art - Banana Fiber

Woven Gourd Art - Banana Fiber


This two tone banana fiber Gourd is just the piece you need to get that center table or shelf really excited. This handmade Accent adds the perfect rustic touch to your décor.

  • Story

    Our farmers in Nigeria have discovered an alternate source of income without leaving their farms. Thanks to a collaborative effort between MitiMeth and the Farmers School at the Oyo State Agricultural Development Program. The Farmers are transforming plaintain and banana tree residues into woven fiber used to create a striking multi tone woven banana fiber Gourd.

  • Care

    Wipe clean with dry cloth

  • Details

    Materials: Woven banana fiber, papier mache

    Dimension: 38" Circumference x 18"H

    Colors: Various dual tones 

    Origin: Made in Nigeria