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Woven Water Hyacinth Rug

Woven Water Hyacinth Rug

PriceFrom ₦66,420.00

This beautifully constructed earth tone rug is woven by Nigerian artisans from water hyacinth fiber, an invasive aquatic weed. An eco-friendly complement to your floor that is rich with visual and tactile texture. Tightly woven with ultra-durable construction, the rug is bound to beautifully adorn your space.

  • Story

    Crafted of water hyacinth woven by skilled Artisans in Nigeria's riparian zones.

  • Care

    General care Instructions

    • Ensure the rug is kept dry at all times.
    • Do not use sharp objects on the rug. And no pointed heels please!!!
    • Soaking, shampooing, steam cleaning or power washing natural fiber rugs is NOT recommended.
    • Natural fiber is very absorbent and will hold onto water and other liquids. If not allowed to dry completely, natural fiber rugs can mold which is why it is recommended that you use as little water as possible when cleaning.
    • If the rug is wet, spread outside until it dries out completely.
    • If the rug does not have a rug pad or platform attached to it, it is recommended that you rotate the rug every 6 months or more to extend its lifespan. Especially in high traffic areas.


    Cleaning Instructions

    • Shake the rug but not too vigorously until all the dirt, crumbs and debris are gone. For large size natural fibre rugs, it can be hung on a railing or thick rope and lightly beaten with a broom.
    • The rug should be placed in a ventilated area with low humidity.
    • If using a Vacuum to clean, disabling the beater bar is recommended to avoid damaging the fibers.
    • Stains and spills should be cleaned immediately using a clean soft cloth and hot water. Be sure to blot the area, do not rub as rubbing can push the stain deeper into the rug fibers.
    • Acidic stains (like wine or tomato sauce) can be neutralized and removed with club soda or a small amount of mild detergent diluted in water. Once the stain is removed, blot the area several times with a clean absorbent towel and clean water to remove any soap residue.
    • Once you are done cleaning, if the rug is wet you will need hang dry. Natural rugs if left wet can mildew, so it is very important the rug is kept dry at all times.
  • Details

    Material: 100% Water hyacinth

    Colour: Natural earth tones

    Origin: Made in Nigeria

    Sizes: 36” x 41”

    Due to the handmade quality of our rugs, they may vary slightly in size and/or color. Rug pattern is scaled to rug size and may vary from the images shown.

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