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5 Hanging Decoration Ideas to Spark Up Your Living Room

It’s pretty amazing how easy it is to add a personal touch to your space just by hanging decorative items. What’s more? Hanging décor also have the potential power to give your home an ambience that oozes of positivity and warmth.

How fulfilling it must be for you to wake up everyday and feel ready to take on the world from the moment you open your eyes! Or to be the reason someone’s mood is changed from feeling blue to feeling vibrant just because they walked into your space.


We have 5 simple decorative ideas on how you can make this happen in your space. So simple you can actually do it yourself!

Let’s begin

1. Woven Wall Tiles: When it comes to choosing what to hang on their walls, people often think their options are limited to family portraits and painted art frames. These aren’t bad in themselves, but if you’re gunning for a unique touch, outside the regular, then you may want to consider something in the lines of these woven water hyacinth wall tiles. It also gives a perfect blend of minimalist and borderline sophisticated décor. See an example here

2. Woven Wall Clock: Haven’t we all gotten used to having a wall clock in the house just for the sake of its functionality? Guilty as charged! Well, how about we take things a step further. Hang a clock, but make it memorable, classy, and downright decorative. Click here to see an inspiration.

3. Pendant Lampshade: Home lighting is a major essence of interior design, so it must be done wellllll. Unlike the regular lighting bulbs, a Pendant lampshade like this one doesn’t stay in the background, it draws everyone in with its beauty and functionality. Here is an example of a natural pendant lampshade, skillfully crafted with woven water hyacinth and raffia bamboo.

4. Hanging Ornaments: Now is a good time to start thinking about hanging Orb and Angel ornaments, since the Holiday season is upon us. Are you open to making some good changes to your regular annual decor? If you’re in, then check out these handcrafted water hyacinth orbs, eye-catching clusters of rustic spheres in rich golden brown and multicolor hues. Whether it is to brighten your entryway or Christmas tree, they are must haves.

5. Wall Mirrors: Have you always limited the use of mirrors to your bathrooms and bedrooms? Allow us to change your mind! Wall mirrors can add glamour and a unique spark to your living room. Especially if they’re carefully and exquisitely handcrafted, like these ones.

So, there you have it!

If you’re ready to execute these ideas (all or any), we can provide the materials. *Winks

Click here to get started.

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