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Six Useful Tips to Choose the Best Gift

“Babe, what gift are you getting your brother for his wedding?”

Nonso massaged his neck as he read his girlfriend’s WhatsApp message. His brother’s wedding was in three days and the thought of getting a gift for the couple had crossed his mind only once.

“Gift? Madam, I’m going for the Jollof rice, please. Besides, don’t you think the time is too short to get a gift that they will love and remember?” he replied.


Her response was quick. She sounded annoyed. “Nonso! So you plan to stroll to the wedding with your phone and your hands in your pockets? Your own brother! Man, that’s cold. Listen, I don’t know how you will do it, but you must get a good gift for him and his bride.”

You can relate, right? You racked your brain for weeks, thinking of what gifts to get for your friend’s wedding, or your boss’s birthday, your partner’s graduation, your parents’ wedding anniversary or a simple appreciation gift for a loyal client. It seemed like you were searching for an elusive treasure, so you gave up and settled for cash or a shout out on social media.

Picking a suitable gift doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore, you know? Here are a few tips to help you to make it work:

1. Consider the person’s hobbies and interests: Whether it’s your partner or your boss, picking a gift is one way to show that you have been paying attention to them over time. Do they have a tendency to read or work late into the night? They will find a table lamp useful. Are they artsy or geeky? Give them tickets to see an exhibition or a stage play. Try to avoid generic gifts that don’t match their style, hobbies or interests.

2. What’s the occasion?: You can gift one item for different occasions without a hitch. Still, try to match the gift to the event and the person. For corporate settings, keep it professional with a personal touch.

3. Give timeless gifts: Some gifts never outlive their usefulness or go out of style. These evergreen gifts will keep you in the receiver’s memory for a long time, because they are simply a piece of art.

4. Utility: Decorative and sentimental gifts are great, but you should give serious thought to how useful your gift is. Consider gifts that are practical yet pretty, that make the receiver’s life easier, take stress off them or help them grow at their job.

5. Be thoughtful and intentional: Even if you have only two days to pick the gift, put some thought into it. Perhaps your friend once sent you a picture of their indoor plant, excited about their growth. For their birthday, you could get them a woven planter like this one.

For Christmas, you could give your colleague something for their pet, like this natural fiber play ball. They will definitely notice the effort you put into the gesture. You should also consider gifts that most likely won’t be a duplicate. To play safe, go for uncommon and exclusive handmade items like this Coconut Shell Vase or this Woven Banana Fiber mirror. Chances that the recipient would have been previously gifted these kinds of pieces prior are slim to none.

6. What’s your budget?: This comes last because many people often think that they can’t get a great gift if they don’t have a lot of money. But that’s quite untrue. Even if you have all the money in the world, you can still go wrong with a gift choice. Yes, you should consider your budget, but do it side by side with the other points mentioned above.

Hope these help. Ready to go shopping for some unique gifts? Click here for some inspiration.

Have fun picking and giving the gifts!

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